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H.E. Dr. Abdullatif bin Rashid Alzayani
Minister of Foreign Affairs

Telephone 17225115 Fax 17225105
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H.E. Ambassador Dr. Shaikh Abdulla bin Ahmed bin Abdulla Al Khalifa
Undersecretary for Political Affairs

Telephone 17224103  Fax 17212852
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H.E. Ambassador Tawfeeq Ahmed Al Mansoor
Undersecretary for Consular & Administrative Affairs

Telephone  17210888  Fax 17223888
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H.E. Ambassador Talal Abdulsalam Al-Ansari
Director General of Ministry Affairs

Telephone 17225104

H.E. Ambassador Dr. Shaikha Muneera Khalifa Alkhalifa
Executive Director of Mohammed Bin Mubarak Al Khalifa Academy for Diplomatic Studies

Telephone 17208580 Fax 17651460
Fax C.V

H.E. Ambassador Ali Jassim Al Aradi
Chief of Coordination and Follow-up - Acting Director of Information Systems

Telephone 17226225 Fax 17213899
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H.E. Ambassador Abdulaziz Mohammed Al Eid
Chief of GCC Affairs

Telephone 17211750  Fax 17225085 
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H.E. Ambassador Mohamed Abdulrahman Alhaidan
Chief of Legal Affairs

Telephone 17006379 Fax 17227861
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H.E. Ambassador Dr. Arwa Hasan Alsayed Ali Ebrahim
Chief of Human Rights Affairs

Telephone 17200552 Fax 17602301
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H.E. Ambassador Shaikh Abdulla bin Ali bin Khalifa Al Khalifa
Chief of American Affairs

Telephone 17157270
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H.E. Ambassador Fatima Abdulla Al Dhaen
Chief of Afro-Asian Affairs

Telephone 17453014 Fax 17215999
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H.E. AmbassadorTalal Ebrahm Hamad Althawadi
Director of Human Resources

Telephone 17210672 Fax 17210196

H.E. Ambassador Abdulla Ahmed Abdulla Buqahoos
Director of Financial Resources

Telephone 17213375 Fax 17212897

H.E. Ambassador Nancy Abdulla Jamal
Chief of Strategic Affairs

Telephone 17221235
Fax C.V

H.E. Mr. Ebrahim Mohammed Al Meselmani
Chief of Consular Services

Telephone 17225114  Fax 17211416 
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H.E. Mr. Bassam Ahmed Marzooq
Director of Administrative Affairs

Telephone 17213391 Fax 17212603 
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H.E. Mr. Ahmed Ebrahim Al Qarainees
Chief of European Affairs

Telephone 17210182 Fax 17008546
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H.E. Mr. Ahmed Mohammed Al Tarifi
Chief of Arab Affairs

Telephone 17226766  Fax 17211934 
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H.E. Ambassador Shaikha Aysha Ahmed Saqer Alkhalifa
Acting Chief of Organizations

Telephone 17227829 Fax 17224006 
Fax C.V

H.E. Dr. Ismaeel Naji Al-Ameen
Acting Chief of Communications

Telephone 17211935 Fax 17214440 
Fax C.V

H.E. Mr. Salah Mohamed Shehab
Acting Chief of Protocol

Telephone 17227999 Fax 17210666

You can contact the Ministry after the official working hours and during official holidays through the follow-up office on:
Telephone 17227555 Fax 17225107 Email


  • Foreign Minister Dr. Abdullatif bin Rashid Alzayani



  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    P.O. Box 547
    Government Road
    Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain

    7:30 AM - 2:15 PM

    Operation Office:
    24 Hours

    Telephone: +973-17227555

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  • *Ministry of Foreign Affairs' is responsible for coordinating and implementing all matters related to the nation's foreign policy, Bahrain's relations with other countries and international organizations, and to protecting the interests of Bahraini citizens abroad.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    P.O. Box 547
    Government Avenue
    Kingdom of Bahrain