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Minister of Foreign Affairs stresses importance of security partnerships in Middle East to maintain regional, national security

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Abdullatif bin Rashid Al Zayani, stressed that security partnerships in the Middle East region are necessary to maintain regional and national security. He stated that no country in the region, or perhaps even in the world, can guarantee its security in isolation, adding that recent decades have clearly confirmed that the security of the Gulf and the Middle East is more effectively protected when countries work together with regional allies and international partners, affirming that this dynamic will be strengthened in the coming years.

This came during the speech delivered the Minister of Foreign Affairs today at the Concluding Plenary Session of the Manama Dialogue, under the title ‫“New Security Partnerships in the Middle East.”

Dr. Al-Zayani pointed out that the most important development that occurred in the Middle East region this year was the signing of the Abraham Accords, and the opportunity it provided to establish real new partnerships for regional security.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs said the main goal must always be to protect national and common interests within the framework of a region that enjoys security, stability and peace that benefit all states and people, adding that in assessing and developing ‫“new” security partnerships, it must be taken into account that new partnerships should be seen as complementing, not replacing, the old.

He also stated that anything that would enhance cooperation more than confrontation should be good to regional security, especially since the previous approach over many decades had achieved very little in solving basic problems, adding that by establishing and strengthening new ways of security cooperation, we will be better equipped to identify, assess, deter and address any potential regional security challenges.

The Minister noted that since the signing of the Accords, the approach of all three regional states, Bahrain, the UAE and Israel, has clearly demonstrated that this is not a narrow, transactional, security-focused cooperation. Rather, all three countries have moved quickly to develop a broad and deep cooperation that is proactive and intended to help consolidate security, stability and prosperity for the entire Middle East, its countries and peoples.

He stressed that resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict on the basis of the two-state solution as envisioned in the Arab Peace Initiative would protect the rights, interests and security of all parties, and would demonstrate beyond question the value of working together to resolve outstanding issues. Moreover, it would at long last remove a pretext to justify some of the threats the region has seen to security, be they from states or non-state actors.

Dr. Al-Zayani stated that the United States of America played an effective role in achieving the Abraham Accords, and highlighted its efforts in preserving security and peace in the region and the world as a whole.

The Minister also congratulated His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa and His Royal Highness the Crown Prince and Deputy Supreme Commander, Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, on the success of two important international events, the Formula 1 and the Manama Dialogue at a time in which the world is facing the COVID-19 pandemic.


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